Who To Notify Before Your Move?

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So you are changing your address and need to know who should you contact?

We, at Paul’s Removals Melbourne are very much into making lists and careful planning. In fact writing everything down helps both you and your moving company Melbourne and is crucial so our removals men know what goes where. However, you can use the pen for more than marking boxes and ticking tasks off our lovely moving house checklist.

You can also plan who to contact before your move and that doesn’t just include your friends and family. Obviously there are institutions and companies that need to be informed of your planned move. Remember to arrange all your mail to be forwarded to your new address before the quick pick movers arrive. That will save you the headache to try and chase your mail plus it is also annoying for the new owners to receive your mail.

So here is a number of organisations that need to know of your move.

Your bank or building society;

Your employer;

Your insurance company – property, contents, life and/or health insurer, etc.;

Credit card companies;

Council rates;

Water, electricity, gas, TV and Internet Providers;

Doctor, dentist, hospital, clinic, local surgery etc.;

Schools, clubs or organisations you belong to;

The library;

Australian Taxation Office;

Your union or association;

Pension fund;

Australian Electoral Commission;

Friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives;

You can inform them via the post, by printing small change of address cards, or by calling them directly. If you go with the cards make sure your old address is also present as well as your new address.

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