How To Downsize With Class

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There are many situations in life when you might be forced to leave your big family house and to downsize significantly. Often when the children abandon the family nest, parents either can’t afford to pay the mortgage and taxes for the property, or don’t see the point of living alone in a big house But how to downsize when you have a lifetime worth of stuff. The amount of clutter accumulated over the years is very often overwhelming. What to do with it all? Is it worth transporting it and if you somehow manage the cost, can you manage to fit it in your new house?

Probably not. So here’s how to downsize in style.

#1 Plan Ahead

We say that a lot and it seems to be our solution to everything, right? Well that’s because it is. Planning ahead will help you keep track of the items you use and you don’t use. Mark your clothes and your stuff and if you haven’t used them in 6 months, you don’t need them. Simple as that. On moving day you won’t be that frustrated when you have to pick this lamp, or that lamp. You will know what you’ve used and what you haven’t and what you haven’t used simply goes.

moving to a smaller home

#2 Unload the Emotional Burden

Sort out your emotions too. It is true what most people say that there are powerful emotions lurking amidst items we keep. That being said we tend to grow quite attached to things, places and people, even if they no longer do us any good. In such a case sort out your emotions and take a hard look at your belongings. Do you really need to pack, load and pay for an item to be transported and then to unload and unpack it only to find it doesn’t fit your new lifestyle? If the answer is yes, think about whether it really has that much significance to you

#3 Start Small

De-cluttering is not an easy task and especially if you have accumulated a lot of stuff over the past years, take it one item at a time. No one would really expect you to let go of everything in one day. This is one reason you need to really plan ahead and spend an hour or two a day. Start from a drawer and move on to the garage, attic and basement where you will have more work to do.

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