Book Efficient Removalists in Melbourne

Whether it’s moving a few boxes or a precious item of furniture, or you’re looking for expert man with a van service for the complete contents of your home or office. Paul’s Removals in Melbourne have something designed to suit your needs. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also look to us for your move out cleaning or even to provide a safe place to store your belongings. Below you’ll find an introduction to the things we’re most often asked to do and a brief summary of what you can expect in each case.

Professional Removalists

Office Removals

Let our expert office removals staff organise your business relocation. Get a quick, efficient move that will ensure that you don’t loose out to your competitors. We’ll make sure the move goes smoothly and that means that your staff will be able to maintain their focus on their own work.

Furniture Removals

Take the best possible care of precious, heavy or awkward furniture and protect yourself from possible injury. Moving bulky items through difficult spaces such as stairwells and tight corridors is a job for professional removalists. Our furniture removals team can be trusted with your most valued or difficult items.

House Removals

Removals Services  in Melbourne

Help and support right the way through planning your move, and strong backs on the day itself. Not to mention advice and practical assistance with the packing that will ensure that your belongs arrive in good condition. Our house removals service will help you get out of your old home and into your new one with the minimum disruption. Take advantage of our years of experience as trusted local removalists.

Move Out Cleaning

Make your moving day easier by booking your house removals and your move out cleaning from one local firm. You’ll be certain of getting high quality work for both jobs and you’ll cut down on the number of things and people you need to keep track of. When you’re moving from rented residential accommodation you can be confident that our standards of cleaning will satisfy your landlord, so you’ll get your cleaning bond back with no quibbles.

Delivery for Your Home or Office

Take advantage from our delivery services. The service is extremely helpful when you need transportation to the Or when you need to move, let’s say, your double bed from one side of the town to another. The service might be helpful to you, when you purchase something online or from one of the big stores and you need it delivered right to your house or office building.  Simply give us the pick-up address and the delivery point and leave all the work to our experts.

Hire Truck & Men

If you need help with the moving, but you don’t know how long it will take, this is the right service for you. This service comes in with a preferential fixed rate for 8 hours worth of work based on the requested vehicle and size of crew to help out at the requested spot. The service is extremely helpful, when you have large scale deliveries planned with multiple delivery addresses.

Home Cleaning

We know that maintaining a clean home is extremely important to you. We can help you not only with the moving of your furnishing and other belongings, but we can also help you with the cleaning after that.