Need to Rush a Big Move? Read This.

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Allens Saunders once said: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and we believe truer words have never been spoken! Sometimes we have one thing in mind, but life happens and we just need to adapt and make it work. The same applies when you need to rush a big move during a very limited time frame with no mistakes allowed.

These situations as undesirable as they are, usually occur when:

  • A family member had a shift in job duties and needs to quickly move to another city, country or continent;
  • A family member suffered a health condition that require them to move away for better treatment;
  • A relationship break down causes one of the spouses to quickly move out;
  • Issues with landlord – the landlord wants you out before your contract has expired;

Rushing a Move: What To Do

1. Start researching for local removalists. Find a removals company that would be willing to carry a move on such a short notice and can fit you in their schedule without ripping you off.  Finding the adequate help for your house relocation is one of the most important things to take care of as soon as possible.

2. Get organising quickly. One of the first and most important things you need is to get moving supplies faster than fast, so you can get packing. The supplies you need include: checklist, cardboard boxes, bin bags, tape, scissors, labels, markers, bubble wrap, carton markings (or labels again);

3. Get on with planning and filling a checklist. Filling a checklist may seem like a waste of time, but you will be glad you did, because it will eventually save you more time on the long run (as well as many headaches). That being said you need to quickly write down the things you are taking with you.

4. De-clutter. If you are rushing a big move, you need to get rid of as many items you don’t need, never use and are outdated, worn out and broken down. Give away and dispose as much as you can. Because you need to pack, load, transport, unload, unpack and find place for every thing you take, you need to think about the cost and time it will take you to move everything. Besides, do you really need everything? Now would also be a good time to ask friends and family for assistance.

5. Don’t forget online resources. Keep track of your move, using mobile apps, set reminders, send e-mails and use the web to download and print change of address forms. You can also find online real estate agents that can quickly find you a new place to rent or buy so you have a place to move to; Also put your house up for sale if it is applicable.

‚ÄčHopefully, these few tips give you an idea where to start from. If you need help with rushing a big move, give us a call: 03 8566 7514. We will try to fit you in our schedule as soon as possible. We work weekends, holidays, odd hours at no extra charge.