Download & Print Our Labels for Free

Label your boxes with our beautiful stickers

Repeat after us: You can never have too many labels! Labels are what make a stressful moving day a smoother and more organised one. The following labels, created just for you and free to download, will help you organise your boxes. Here are a few ideas how to use them.

Download and print;

Cut the labels and glue them to your boxes – choose a visible spot;

Give meaningful descriptions to the blank labels. You can either write down the name of the room i.e. “kitchen”, or write down what kind of items you have inside i.e. “pots and pans”.

This is useful for many reasons. For instance, our removalists will leave each box in the room it belongs to. Furthermore, you will know what kind of items each box contains. This will help you easily identify much needed items. No one said you have to unpack everything in one day.


***Additional items you will need: glue, scissors, markers.

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