Moving Countdown Checklist - Relocation Has Never Been Easier

​We at Paul’s Removals are fully aware of how stressful moving into your new home can be.The number of details that must be taken into consideration can seem quite overwhelming.That is why we have worked out a moving house checklist of the things you need to take care of before your moving day. We also give you a suggested schedule so that you can take care of all arrangements in due time and without having to take care of everything just prior to the big day.

Here is how to make the most of our checklist:

  1. Download and print.
  2. Try to stick to the time you are given for each task. For instance, if you are advised to research and book a removals company at least 4 weeks before the end of your lease, try to stick to that. It will make your life and the whole relocation a lot easier!
  3. Start a journal or keep notes of important contacts and addresses. For instance, two weeks before your removal date, you are advised to contact utility companies, your bank and local surgery. Keep all the contacts handy with your checklist. You will complete that particular task twice as fast.



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