Three Things We Would Like Our Customers To Know

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We always emphasize on the importance of choosing the right company for your relocation. It’s true – choosing the most capable partners for your journey will ensure a smooth move. However, you need to help too. Often, when we are asked to carry a move, we try to inform all our clients about these three crucial things.

What Our Removalists Want Customers To Know

1. Estimates. It’s very important for us to get people’s estimates rights when we give them a quote. Most people don’t realize that a single box, or a piece of furniture can make all the difference between one truck and two. It’s very important for them to consider what they’ll take and what they’ll leave PRIOR to the move. This will save them money and will help us give them accurate quotes.

2. Labels. In our company we have a motto – “there can never be too many labels”. That being said its important both for us and for the client if the boxes are labelled correctly. It is crucial for the health of our removalists when there is “Heavy” label, signalling that two people should attempt to lift a single box. In addition, it is also important to mark items as “Fragile”, “This Side Up”, etc. Labels will also guide us as to where to place the box in your new place. If you have utensils in the box, mark them with a Label that says: “Kitchen”.

3. Tips. People shouldn’t worry about tipping our removalists as they are already well-paid for the job and we do not request a tip. Of course, if our clients are happy with the job our removalists have done, they can always tip them a percentage of the whole bill. We usually advice people to tip an amount that can be separated between the people who did the move. If there are three removalists doing the job, best thing to do is to tip them an amount that is divisible by three.

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