Our Customers Often Ask...

Q: What is the clearance of the vehicle that you’re going to use?

A: Here you can see and decide if you need to hire a truck or a van.

Man and van services2 men and a truck for hire, dimensions

Q: How much time is it going to take to arrange over the phone?

A: If you have the list of items ready and details of the two addresses – no more than 10 minutes!


Q: What do I need to know in order to receive a proper quote?

A: Either a list and number of items, or their volume in cubic metres.


Q: Am I being charged from your depot to my location?

A: Not at all! We charge from the start of the loading process to when the unloading is complete.


Q: If the service requires heavy lifting equipment would that be extra?

A: All required equipment is included in the hourly rate.


Q: I’ll be able to help out, so can you send one person instead of two?

A: Yes! We’re happy to send just one of our technicians to help you out!

Q: Do I need to provide anything?

A: Only suitable parking for both the loading and drop off locations.