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Paul's Removals Melbourne
Harry Smith

My landlord is very strict about cleaning his property. I was afraid I'd miss something, so I booked your bond cleaners. It...
Paul's Removals Melbourne
Stacey O’Connell

Thanks to your cleaners I received my full bond back. If I ever have to move again, I am booking both your bond cleaning and...
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Moving can be pretty complicated, so any time you get a chance to simplify the process, it really has to be a good thing. Well, here’s one way to make your life easier – book your Melbourne move out cleaning from the same firm as your house removals. Cut down on the co-ordination by handing both jobs over to  Paul’s Removals in Melbourne. You’ll only have one contact number to worry about and we’ll keep track of what has to be done when.

End of lease cleaning isn’t a very exciting job, but for the sake of the next occupants of your old place it needs to be done. In the case of rented accommodation you need to make sure the cleaning is done to the highest standards to ensure your bond is returned. You really need to be concentrating on your future home though. Pass this dull job over to our experienced moving cleaners in Melbourne and you won’t have to give it another thought.

What’s Involved in Our End of Lease Cleaning Package for Melbourne Residents

Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

Book your end of lease cleaning and you’ll get experienced cleaners equipped with top quality cleaning agents for the whole property. Oven cleaning is a standard part of the package, along with de-liming and scrubbing of all tiles and hoovering of the carpets. Our cleaners work their way though a list to ensure that every part of the property gets their careful attention. When you call for our cleaning service along with top-notch furniture removals or expert house removals you’ll reduce the overall costs involved as you’ll get a generous discount against the rate of booking the services separately.

Below you’ll find a check list of the advantages you’ll gain when you book us for Melbourne move out cleaning. To see what our past customers have to say about us go to our reviews page. You’ll be able to take advantage of the following benefits when using our services:

  • All move out cleaning is done according to a check list – the work is completed by professional cleanersMove Out Cleaning in Melbourne area
  • Make your life simpler by using Paul’s Removals for home or office moves and cleaning too
  • Get your quote or make your booking for any service 24/7 on our phone line
  • Book your great value cleaning for evenings or weekends if that’s when you need it