Our Top 3 Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

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Moving homes could be one of life’s most important and most stressful activities and what matters the most is how you embrace the challenge. Being prepared and organized as well as retaining your sense of humour will help you relocate painlessly.

Get Professional Help

The first and most important thing you need, is to admit you need help. The sooner, the better, because this will allow you to start making plans, choose the right removals company and get a quote on your removal needs. Choosing the company carefully is the single most important step. You will be entrusting all your belongings and finding reliable people to handle them is essential. Things to look at for in a removals company

– Whether they offer a package of services – transportation, packing/unpacking, combination of services – in-house moving/ end of lease cleaning;

Any deals? Every penny counts during a relocation and if you could save some money and benefit from a deal, don’t miss the opportunity;

Removals Deals

Flexibility. Choose a removals company you can count on – those who are available for contact 24/7 and who work on weekends and evenings without ripping you off.


Be organized. 

It’s not for everyone, but everyone once in a while needs to show some organizational skills. Have a clear vision what goes with you and what goes to charity. Don’t move something you won’t need later. This can make all the difference between one truck and two trucks and it will dramatically affect your quote.


Make lists and label everything.

It may seem like a waste of time, but it will save your life! Repeat after me: “There is no such thing as too many labels”. We will keep emphasizing on that, because some of the most hectic moves happen due to the lack of proper organization, correct packaging and labelling.

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