Should You Tip The Movers

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Removals Tips | Comments Off on Should You Tip The Movers

Many people wonder about the sensitive issue of whether they should tip the movers and how much should they give. Often people want to be appreciative, but they don’t know what is acceptable when it comes to moving.

Here is our stand on this. You pay us good money for a great service and we should be giving you a great service and we are not looking for anything extra. All our terms and conditions are fair, we don’t have hidden charges or extra costs and we are not looking for a tip either. Certainly, though, we understand that when people get an excellent service, when they are very stressed out, in a tough situation like a move, they certainly want to show their appreciation. The removal teams love when their efforts are praised. So, if you want to express your satisfaction with the service, why don’t you buy them lunch during a long move, or provide refreshments in a hot day? That surely goes a long way.

The other question that follows when it comes to tips is how much do you tip? It is an individual decision, determined by what you are comfortable with. Our advise is to not go crazy and think of hundreds of dollars. Surely $10, $20 or $30 is enough to make your movers feel appreciated. It is the fact that you loved the services they provide that counts. Personally, we would never want to make our customers feel they have to tip our movers. That puts too much pressure on an already stressed-out person. From our perspective, we train all our removalists to expect nothing. They show up without expectations and bring their own lunch, their own refreshments and if the customer offers something, that’s awesome.

If, however, you are overly pleased with the job, certainly let the team know in a verbal manner, and are free to give them some money that is comfortable for you and your family. Feel free to also write an e-mail and let the company know what great job they did. It really helps in terms of improving services and providing great experience.