The Top 5 Removal Disasters to Avoid!

Posted by on May 4, 2015 in Removals Tips | Comments Off on The Top 5 Removal Disasters to Avoid!

We have identified some of the biggest pitfalls and challenges that most people come across during a move. Our purpose is not to scare you, but to warn you, so you can avoid them!

Avoid Dodgy Removals!

Not only they can damage, lose and ruin your stuff, but also butt cracks, eww… You will recognise a good removals company by their clear terms and conditions, and no hidden costs policy.

Avoid Getting Dumped!

And no, not just by someone you love. If you choose poorly a removals company, you can get dumped days before your move. Why? Dodgy removalists (as the ones mentioned above) will offer a low starting price and agree on a date with you (which is great), but then other people will call them and when they see there is an increasing interest for this particular service on that particular day, they will quote them a higher price. Once someone agrees, you will get the “We’re sorry, it’s not you, it’s us” text.

Insurance – Better Safe than Sorry!

When it comes to hiring a removals company, make sure they are vetted, allowed to work in the country and are COVERED by insurance. Not only you protect your stuff, but you will also avoid getting in trouble. If the company you are hiring is not covered by the necessary insurance policies you won’t get compensated for any damage that may be caused to your belongings. What is worse, hiring someone who is not allowed to work in the country, is not insured and  ends up getting hurt during heavy lifting will be totally on you!

Packing valuables improperly!

There is nothing like packing a box full of valuables and forgetting to secure the bottom of the box with tape. Hopefully, you hired a team of move out cleaners to pick up the shattered pieces too… Oh, well! professional companies on the other hand can send expert removalists to pack things for you in a professional manner. Even if you hire the most careful people, if your items are not packed carefully, you might still damage them on the journey.

Not Leaving Enough Time

Most people leave everything to the last possible minute. Imagine the following situations. You have told your landlord, you will be out of the house by 5 pm. He expects the place to be cleaned and ready for the next tenants who are planning to come by 5:30. This sounds like a good plan in general, if only just the removalists didn’t arrive so late! And then you had to hold the end of lease team for an extra hour. They are pissed, your landlord is pissed and then the new tenants are pissed as they can’t move straight in, so they have to hold their removals team longer and now their removals team is pissed. You get the point it means a lot of extra, extra charges!