The Moving Challenge – Do You Got What It Takes?

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The Moving House

So can you measure up to professional removalists? 

Relocation is one of the toughest decisions when it comes to choosing your new area of residence and moving your belongings to your new home. There is plenty of material out there teaching you what are the perks of calling the removalists in to help you with the move, yet neither one explains the downsides of actually choosing to do everything by yourself.

If you think you’ve got what you need to take upon the wild adventure of moving house on your own, step aside into our next insights on house relocation and try matching your skills with the professionals and, please note, speed is not the only skill on their list!

Game One: Packing Your Stuff

Looks easy, but it is one of the hardest task when it comes to packaging fragile objects. For this round, you will need one cardboard box and a couple of old glass bottles or cups. Wrapping up these easily breakable items in newspapers won’t always do the trick. If you are going to move your belonging more than 10 kilometres along with all of your other furniture, keeping everything safe might become a problem. Do you have quality packaging material and skills to secure your safe trip to your new home? If not, this round might be ours to win.

Game Two: Moving the Couch

Let’s be realistic, if you are going to move, you will probably have to lift heavy furniture and the couch is the perfect test subject on that manner. Since moving is a two man job and you are just one, you will have to push your lifting skills to the maximum. If you are lucky enough to find a moving buddy, you try taking the steps down and exit the building. Be careful on your way down the stairs and try keeping up with your friend’s tempo. Tough, ah?

Game Three: Driving the Van

If you happen to have in hand a small bus or a large family car with lots of storage space, try competing in this final round. Pack a couple of boxes with old, useless fragile items and load one bigger furniture piece together with them. Try making a couple of circles around the block without braking the cargo and bumping into too many holes on the road.

The Conclusion:

If you find those round hard to win, you might consider calling us the help. And in case you won all the games, you might actually take a shot in our team and master your already well-developed mover skills in our team of professional removalists from Melbourne. Either way, take care on your trip to your new home!

Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia