Small House On Wheels

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I know it may seem crazy, but while most people are looking for large spacious apartments and bathrooms they can play baseball in, some people actually, voluntarily choose to design their own tiny homes on wheels.

Take the example of Andrew and Gabriella Morrisson who built their tiny home for 4 months and it cost them around $22,000. That’s probably less than your car, right?

When you are moving to a relatively small space, you need to plan every move of yours. If you have watched the entire video, you have probably noticed that everything in it was there with a purpose and placed strategically.

First of all, always plan carefully every furniture you take. According to our professional movers the less furniture you move in with, the better. If you are going for a small living, it is good to consider multifunctional furniture. You know those desks that become dining tables? That’s the stuff I am talking about. There are many ways to use these in a manner that will save you space, money and will allow you to use it efficiently.

Another thing to do is paint wisely! We know that you may want a red bedroom, with a yellow ceiling (who would want something like this?), but you need to think about the fact that certain colours, make large rooms look smaller and cosier and vice versa. There are colours that make a smaller room look more spacious – white, light blue and yellow are some of those colours. All this is called colour psychology and is worth your attention. Go for white and breezy blue.

To make a small space look bigger use mirrors, or better yet windows! When you furnish your home, choose mirrors and place them at all the right spots. For instance a ceiling over the living room sofa, is a great idea. It adds depth to a room. If the view allows it go for a window – even better! You can make a small bedroom appear larger, by just placing a mirror on the wardrobe door. And besides who doesn’t need a mirror near their wardrobe. It is useful for so many reasons.

Lastly keep it neat and tidy, as clean and clear spaces look more spacious. Everyday you will have to put away things and find a place for everything you have and get rid of things you don’t use and definitely don’t need. If you are a clutter bug I am afraid you won’t make it.You will have to let go of stuff.

What a house like this allows you to do? Move everywhere you want, go to the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Here you can find more about the lives of people who live on the road.

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