What Our Removalists Just Won’t Move

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When it comes to offering a quality service, every  are trained to move almost everything. Almost. Even though no job is too big or too small for us and we offer packing solutions and advice, there are things that we will absolutely NOT MOVE even if you pay and beg us to. We do this to protect our quick pick movers. For instance, a furniture removalist recently found himself in a house with one too many items for moving and had to call the bomb squad. Apparently the man got more than he bargained for when he found two old bombs, a gun and hidden money in a property in Bayswater, a suburban area in Victoria. 

In order to avoid any harm or damage done on our employees we will not remove:

Hazardous Items:



Fire Extinguishers;


Aerosol cans;




Propane tanks;


Fuels and Flammable Oils;




Charcoal fluid;

Other Pool, Garden and Household Chemicals;

In general weapons, firearms, chemicals,  poisons and flammables of all kinds are a no-no during a relocation. Not only they can harm the movers carrying them, but they can also get in touch with other items in the van and cause damage to your boxes and the vehicle.


Frozen food and food of any kind, really;


Canned Food;

Try to consume, or give away all the food you have in your fridge and freezer prior to the relocation. Every fridge that is to be moved should be defrosted, empty and clean. Plants make the list because a longer journey with the plant can be damaging to the plant itself and can possibly introduce new pests in your new home. The new pest may simply hitch the ride via your plant. For this reason plants are often your responsibility.

We recommend you keep in your own vehicle the following:

Valuables (and pets)

– Pets – it’s best to keep the pet with the owner.

– Irreplaceable items with sentimental value, like photo albums, personal letters, diaries, etc.;

– Jewelry;

– Cash;

– Furs;

– Mobile phones and lap tops;

– Important personal papers (wills, marriage certificates, birth certificates, personal documents, plane tickets, etc.)

– Collections (stamps, coins, etc)

– Prescription drugs needed for immediate use;

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