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Some people embrace change, other people fear it, but according to a source I read recently, those who embrace it are more likely to become  successful. If you get the feeling that I am encouraging you to embrace your relocation, this is exactly what I’m doing. The way you handle it, your attitude and your time management skills will be crucial to the success of the “mission”. So without further adieu, here are some basics to start with.


One of the first and most important things to do is talk to your landlord 9 to 6 months prior to your relocation and share your plans to move. Commercial buildings, offices, shops and restaurants are not like moving an apartment. Sometimes you will need more than a month’s notice.

Make sure you file for business change of address.


New office hunting. Prepare a list of pro’s and con’s and compare your options based on location, rent, taxes and condition


Make removal arrangements and hire a company. Get estimates, compare quotes and ask for discounts and additional services that you might require – storage solutions, waste clearance, move out cleaning, builders, etc. These are all things you may need.


Brace yourself and arm yourself with patience. No panic. Don’t let yourself go!  Get help and support from your employees.  You can divide them in teams so on moving day everyone will be responsible for something. Involve them, but allow no heavy lifting. This is what we are for and if you give us a call at: 03 8566 7514 we will navigate you through our list of services and rates.

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