Moving With Piano vs. Moving With Pool Table?

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Moving is indeed our favourite subject and we can talk about it for ages and still have something new to tell you! As a professional removals company in Melbourne we know that every item requires individual approach, preparation and equipment, which is why we would like to stress the differences and similarities between a relocation with a pool table and a piano.


– Both pianos and pool tables should be handled with extreme care as they can be severely damaged by bumping, rocking and dropping.

– Same applies to people that carry any of the two large items. Handling pianos and pool tables with extreme care is crucial for the health and well-being to the people who carry on the move. Probably all your pool buddies tried to give the table a lift when you mentioned you were moving? They probably managed for a few seconds, right? Well, the professional removals of your choice will have to do a lot better than that. This is why physical fitness, careful preparation, proper tools and extreme care are crucial for the move to go as smooth as possible.

Both need to be wrapped in blankets and fabric to protect from scratching their wooden legs;

– When it comes to pianos and pool tables no one should tell you they are both heavy as heck. Yes, they are! Nobody knows that better than you, right? Especially if you’ve tried to move them yourself.

Moving Pool Table vs. Piano


– While moving a piano with a single heavy duty furniture dolly and some straps may be good enough, moving a pool table with furniture dolly is very difficult. To begin with you might need at least four furniture dollies for the four legs. Pool tables are wider and most of them are way heavier than the piano. If you are really unfortunate you might have your pool table in the attic or other rooms on the second or third floor. In such a case pool tables are a lot more awkward to turn when you have to come down the stairs and mainly when you come across the awkward corners and tight spaces.

– While most pool tables can be dismantled, not all pianos leave that option open for owners. Some pianos are not only old, but extremely fragile and expensive. The dismantling of such a piano and its assembly might cost a fortune. With most pool tables this is not a case.

Pool tables have different regulation sizes – if you are asking for a quote online, you need to always make sure you’ve given the right regulation size. Saying it’s a standard size isn’t enough as there are three “standard sizes”. This may drastically affect your quote and will determine whether the movers will arrive with the proper equipment.

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