Moving Homes With a Security Safe

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At Paul’s Removals Melbourne we believe in security. We believe that your belongings, your home and all your valuables should be secured before, during and after relocation. We have made it our mission to raise awareness of potential dangerous items that can ruin your move, tips how to secure your home while you are gone and how to protect yourself against scam removalist companies that want to rip you off. We believe security should be easily accessible, which is why every home should have a security safe and here we will give you a few tips how to relocate yours if you need to.

Ways to Move a safe:

  • Move from one location to another;
  • Move from one room of the house to another room in the same house;
  • Remove and dispose the safe completely;

A security safe can also be moved up and down the stairs, through the windows and using the lift shack;

Moving With a Security Safe

How To Relocate a Security Safe?

There are a few types of safes that are commonly moved: freestanidng safes, cash deposit safes, fire proof cabinets and gun safes.

Depending on the size of your safe you might need anything from 1 to 4 removalists to help you relocate it successfully;

For larger safes you may need a team of house removalists equipped with a heavy-duty furniture dolly and rope to keep your safe tight. The safe itself is valuable as most models are expensive too. A possible damage to the safe may ruin the mechanisms that make it safe on the first place. Avoid damaging it during a move!

Depending on the mechanisms of your safe, you might want to call the manufacturer and check if there are any special requirements. In the worst case scenario you might need a safe engineer to help you relocate your safe and set it up once you have moved in.
When looking for a Melbourne removals company, make sure you choose one who’s employees are thoroughly-vetted and trained. This will ensure the safety of all your valuables.

Have a safe move!