How To Move With a Piano

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Everybody knows that moving homes isn’t an easy tasк, it is even worse when you have way too many large and awkward items to take with you, especially if those include a piano.

Pianos can be challenging even for the most experiences quick pick movers and this should come as no surprise. They are heavy! Not only they are heavy, but they are fragile, expensive and awkward to carry, especially if you need to negotiate elevators or stairs. Be aware of the weight of your piano, so you can estimate the manpower you will need to move the item. Hiring professional moving company Melbourne is essential when you plan your relocation with a piano on your hands and will ensure you don’t damage the inside mechanics. For piano removals you need on average at least 4 men. Depending on the size of the piano you might need more. Before you call the removals company, get your estimates right.

When you are  moving with an upright piano, keep in mind they carry all their weight in the top half and their legs and feet can be fragile. There are items that furniture removalists use when it comes to heavy awkward items of this kind. Some of this equipment includes furniture dolly and heavy-duty straps. You will also use some sort of padding, or blankets to secure your piano from bumps. If you are dealing with a grand piano, you once more need to mind the legs and to keep in mind grand piano take more floor space. It could make all the difference between one truck and two trucks.

Professional piano movers Melbourne would also advise you to protect the keyboard lid by locking it so the keys are protected. They are a fragile item and if the lid doesn’t lock, you need to consult with your piano removals how to seal the piano best so the lid stays closed. We know tape may seem as the obvious solution for a problematic lid, but keep in mind tape can damage the wooden finish of your piano.

When you’ve made sure the piano lid is sealed wrap in blankets and especially secure the corners. When you lift it, whether to load on the truck, or the furniture dolly, or to move in the next room, do not hold the piano by the legs. Use the straps instead.

When you secure the piano in the moving truck make sure you level it. Some piano movers from Melbourne suggest to use wood planks to ensure a level flooring. Secure the piano in the truck so it is as near as the cabin as possible. This will minimize damage if there are bumps on the road.

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