Life on the Road

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Have you ever wondered what does it take to travel the world? Yeah, I mean full-time travelling for a minimum of 1 year? You, your significant other and the open road? It all requires careful preparation, planning and a lot of guts!

The majority of people think that it is easy to become a full-time traveller, but what they don’t fully realize is the fact that in order to become one you need to quit your job and leave the comfort of having regular pay checks and money flowing in your bank account every month. It may even require selling your home and reducing all your possessions to a backpack, or a suitcase that fits at the back of your vehicle or RV. We as professionals in house removal and relocation know how difficult a separation with your home and belongings could be. Full-time travelling doesn’t sound so easy anymore, now does it? On the positive side, you have all the freedom you need and all the time in the world to go wherever you want and do whatever you want. Thousands of people work remotely while driving somewhere between Italy and France. Heck, even children are raised in the mean time. As you will see from the infographic below, around 49% of all travellers questioned had kids at the time of their venture.

Life on the road

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