Leaving The House For a Longer Period of Time

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Maybe you want to remove yourself from the big city and go to your favourite holiday destination for one last time this season, or you want to find peace and quiet some place else preferably far, far away? Whatever you choose will be perfectly fine as long as you take all measures to protect and secure your house and furniture while on a leave.

How To Secure Your Home?

1. Unplug all electrical appliances. This way you will ensure that if there is a sudden power cut, none of your appliances will cause a short circuit, or will get damaged by the power cut. Double check when you leave. There is nothing worse than worrying whether you switched off the iron, the hobs, etc. etc.

2. Turn taps off and switch off your water heater. Double check and fix all your leakages prior to your leave. One good thing of moving away for a while is that your household bills shrink, unless you leave something on and your pipes and taps are leaking.

3. Arrange for someone to visit and check on your home occasionally if you have pets or plants that need to be taken care of.  And while they are feeding your fish, you might ask them to collect all the letters, newspapers, deliveries and other junk mail that gets dropped by your home. Mail that has not been picked only attracts unwanted attention and shows strangers there hasn’t been anyone home lately.

4. Try not to show-off on facebook or twitter where are you going. You never know who reads it. It is very common for someone to get robbed right after sharing a status with details of his/her holiday. Just let your closest family members and friends know.

5. Finally, according to our professional removalists it is also important to be alert during relocations and while packing and loading. Most owners are quite stressed during a move and it is quite easy to forget about locking your house, or vehicle when you are done, to leave a window, or door open, or to completely ignore the fact that a random stranger is lurking around your backyard. For this reason we recommend you check out our home security guidelines during relocation.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. It is a lot easier to move away for a while when you know your home will be safe and sound while you are gone. Now, go have fun!