How To Prepare Your Fridge for Relocation

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​Moving with a refrigerator? No problem. No two professional removalists will be scared by the sight of a fridge, unless of course the fridge is in poor condition, dirty and full of leftovers and food. You are probably even wondering why write a blog post about the whole process, since it is no rocket science. As true as this is, there are certain risks. An unfortunate mistake may lead to a warranty void on your appliance, a serious damage, or even harm to the person moving it (always choose insured removalists just in case).

So How To Move a Fridge?

1. First and most importantly unplug the fridge at least 24 hours before the move. Defrost the freezer compartment and clean.

2.  Every fridge that is going to be moved must be emptied and thoroughly disinfected and wiped clean. Not only any items left in the fridge will weigh, roll around inside and end up damaging the glass/plastic parts of the unit, but might spill too. It is really just common sense to pack food separately (in a cooling bag), or consume it. We would advice you to consume all perishables before the move and to plan your meals accordingly, so you won’t have to move or throw any of it away.  Any food you haven’t consumed will end up not being properly refrigerated as the fridge needs to be unplugged 24 hours prior the move as mentioned above, so you don’t have much of a choice, really.

2. Remove the racks and ice cube trays and pack separately, or secure inside the fridge so they don’t move.

3. If your fridge has an ice-maker disconnect from the water source and make sure it is drained completely.

4. Close and secure the doors. Fasten both the fridge and freezer doors and use a cord to keep them from opening.

5. If the move takes longer, or your fridge is going to stay stored for a while make sure you open the doors slightly to allow air flow, or apply vanilla extract on the inside to prevent mould and mildew.

6. Leave it to the professional removalists. We will come completely equipped with a heavy-duty moving dolly. It will hold the refrigerator’s weight and will ease during the move. The dangers of moving a fridge on your own is that if you tilt it improperly, or place it inside the truck on its side or back the oil in the compressor may flow into the cooling tubes. If it doesn’t drain from the cooling tubes properly, even after it has been returned to its original upright position, the fridge won’t cool properly.

We hope this was helpful. If you are looking forward to a move and

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