How To Minimise The Cost of a Removal Service

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Removals Tips | Comments Off on How To Minimise The Cost of a Removal Service

Relocations are not only stressful and tiring, but expensive too. It is actually most people who say they can handle the stress, but not the cost. In order to make it more bearable for you, our professional removalists give a few tips on how to minimise the cost of a removal service.

1. Book as early as possible. Some removal companies offer an early-bird discount for services booked 6-9 weeks ahead.

2. Get your estimates right. Make sure the information you give to your removalists of choice, is as accurate as possible. The failure to mention items, or their size and weight might incur in further charges;

3. Choose a good time for a relocation. Weekdays are okay as most people are at work, just make sure you don’t pick time slots that usually coincide with peak hours in your area. If the traffic is at an offensive level, the relocation will take much longer than expected and that’s not in your best interest. The roads on weekends are usually better, but companies are sometimes fully-booked.

4. Get it all done and over with using the same company’s services. Need both removals and end of lease cleaning – no problem! We offer move out cleaning with up to 15% discount for combining the two services. Not only one will co-ordinate the cleaning and removals (i.e. you save time), but you will also get the discount. Win-win!

5. De-clutter as much as possible. No need to take something old, if you are not going to use it anyway. One lamp and one box can make all the difference between one truck and two. If you don’t know what to do with your stuff, here are a few ideas:

  • Give to charity;
  • Recycle;
  • Organise a garage sale – you won’t get that much money out of it, but it will still cover a part of your relocation.