How To Disconnect and Move a Laundry Machine

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Moving large, heavy objects from A to B sounds like a no-brainer, but it is always easier said than done. This is why we thought you might find this laundry machine removal guide useful when it comes to preparing for a relocation.

To Successfully Move Your Washing Machine You’ll Need:

Laundry Machine Removal Steps:

1.Empty the washing machine and set it to a short 30 cycle. This will rinse it and allow the water in the hoses to drain into the washer tub. Afterwards set the machine to spin, allowing the water to drain out.

2. Shut both hot and cold water supply and wipe it clean. Disconnect from the power supply. Unplug the electrical cord and secure it with tape at the back of the machine.

3. Now its time to unplug the draining hose from the drain pipe and the water hoses from the water lines. Place a bucket at the back of the machine under the water lines. Surround the bucket with several towels to make sure there are no water spills. Water will just make everything more messy.

4. Store all removable parts and lines that come with your washer in the tub. This will ensure no parts are lost or forgotten.

5. Center the laundry machine on the furniture dolly. If you have hired professional furniture removalists they will do that for you. Secure the washer with a rope.

6. Cover the washing machine with the blanket. This way you will not only protect your walls and other furniture from any damage the laundry machine can cause, but you will prevent its surface from being scratched too.

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