House Security During Relocation and Removal

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Leaving your house empty during the house relocation can play a bad game on you creating an opportunity for intruders to break in. If you want to secure your property and guarantee a safer removal for your belongings, follow these tips.

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  • Never leave the house empty with your belongings still in there. If you are leaving to go deal with housing registration, bank information management and real estate issues and you have to leave the house, call a friend to stay for a couple of hours or ask the neighbors to watch over your property while you are gone.
  • Houses on sale can be an appetite target for burglars and the fact that outside is still a sunny day won’t stop them from finding a way to enter. Don’t make this easier for them by leaving a key under the door mat or near the entrance. Flower pot and garden gnome stashes are out the question as they the most common hiding places.
  • Try to move everything from your old dwelling to the new one within a day. This is only applicable for short-distance transportation. Try not to leave any valuable items in your new dwelling during the house relocation without having someone to watch over the house. Shorten the removal and relocation process to avoid having your belongings on two different places for the night.
  • Don’t leave your packaged belongings outside the house without oversight. Same goes when you are putting up a yard sale. Make sure to lock the doors and windows and always keep an eye on your house while you are with your neighbors and potential clients. Don’t showcase expensive items on the sale or this may attract the wrong people and put your and your property’s safety in danger.
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