Your Guide To Carton Markings

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At Paul’s Removals Melbourne we have given you so far quite a few tips on what to do when you are moving homes and what NOT to do. If you take a look at all our previous materials, you will notice one thing that stands out. We always advise you to use quality materials when packing for relocation.

Even if you are able to pack a box that can be dropped from 1,5 metres without any harm to the items inside, it will be all to waste if the box and the materials used to seal it are of poor quality. The items will get smashed, despite all your best efforts. Don’t put the horse before the carriage and invest in some quality carton boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape and only after that you can go master your packing skills. Our years of experience have shown that satisfying with the second best quality is a no-no.

One way to know whether your cardboard box is good enough, is to buy boxes specifically designed for removal purposes. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Well as much as it does we’ve had, a couple of times, moved various items in boxes designed for TV’s, washing machines and ovens. This puts your items in greater risk of damage. Make sure the boxes are sturdy and of appropriate size. We advise you to buy smaller boxes. Filling big boxes to the brim, doesn’t make your job easier, doesn’t make ours and if anything, can make the box so heavy that it cracks open at the bottom.

Also look for carton boxes that suit your needs – they need to have the appropriate marking and label.

Your Guide To Carton markings

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