Five Reasons Why Moving Is Actually a Blessing in Disguise

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And, no, we are not kidding! Moving actually hides a lot of positives you may have missed while packing and stressing over. In this blog post you find all about the actual joys of moving to a new home. If you are lucky enough you will find a good removals company Melbourne to help you with that, so you can focus on all the good things that will come your way. 

1. Moving to a new home means a fresh new start for you and your family.

Hopefully you are moving to a bigger home, because your family expands, or you are going to a nicer area because of yours or your partner’s new job. Most times moving to a new home means that something good has happened in your life that requires this transition. Embrace this opportunity to actually enjoy the moment.

2. Moving to a new home means you will re-organise your items and your life.

It doesn’t feel good to be stuck in a rut. Neither it feels good to be surrounded with the same furniture and items you’ve been keeping in the past 20 years that you have never moved from their place, like ever! Moving to a new home will change that. When you are anticipating relocation inevitably you will part with items you no longer need, nor use, or even like anymore. Remember, there are powerful emotions lurking amid our items and when we get rid of things we no longer use, or associate with unpleasant events, we are allowing for new and positive things to come our way. Getting items and furniture removed could feel really empowering.

3. Moving to a new home might offer more work, leisure, sports, educational or family activities.

Moving as a Blessing in Disguise

Whenever our quick pick movers handle a relocation they notice that all families move, hoping for the best. We, too, hope you will find it wherever you go, which is why we offer good removal and move in cleaning services to help you get started on the right foot. From there on, we hope you see your relocation as the blessing in disguise that it is. If your new home home has a pool – enjoy it with your family as often as you can, if your area offers great courses – benefit from them and learn a new skill or employ a new hobby. Sometimes even moving from an apartment to a house with a garden can be enough of a blessing – imagine all the barbecues you are going to host!

4. Moving to a new home means you get to meet new people and create friendships.

Be friendly to your new neighbours and the people from your local community – use the first few weeks to get to know them and you might make friends for life! Ignore their attempts to approach and get to know you and you might miss on some really good relationships.

5. Moving to a new home can also get you far from unpleasant relationships, people and places.

As emotions are lurking amid our items, the same way they are lurking on the streets you’ve walked thousands of times and they places you’ve spent nearly your whole life. Sometimes moving to a new place feels deliberating, because they are no expectations and no one you need to answer to, but yourself and your immediate family. As you get to meet new people when moving to a new place, you get to forget about old faces that put you down. Forget about the nasty mail-man, your neighbours’ noisy kids, or the mean lady across the street you never managed to befriend.

Also remember what Harun Yahya once wrote:  “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

If you feel like the time has come for you to move – just do it and we will help and support you all the way!