Enhance Your Moving Experience

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Few things are better than receiving a quality service, tailored to your budget, addressing all your needs and administered by a single company. When we talk about having a peace of mind during a stressful relocation this is what we mean! At Paul’s Removals Melbourne we offer additional services that will make each and every step of the relocation hassle-free and seamless.

Remember last week, when we discussed the differences between cheap removal services and professional companies in Melbourne? Not only it turned out that sometimes cheap comes out more expensive, but it was also true that professional removal companies on many occasions offer additional services to help your move run even smoother, or to just make your day-to-day life easier. Here is a list with additional services and benefits offered by our quick pick movers for your moving day.

End of Lease Cleaning

this is a particularly important service for everyone who is vacating a rental property. As most of you probably know landlords can be very strict when it comes to all the small details. During a vacate cleaning, you need to do a lot more than your usual routine. A thorough lease cleaning includes cleaning the ducts, carpets, bathrooms, blinds, toilets, tiles, cupboards, behind furniture, door knobs, lamps, etc. A professional move out cleaning as the one we offer at Paul’s Removals Melbourne will quickly impress your landlord and will guarantee you get your lease money back.  Our end of lease cleaners:

– are professional and thorough;

– follow an extensive checklist, covering all necessary areas;

– are insured, vetted and quick;

Move Out Cleaning

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Move in Cleaning

This is not a very popular service, but it is a very useful one. Imagine that while the end of lease cleaners clean your former home, the move in cleaners prepare your new home for you. This service is often used when minor works were done in the apartment and cleaning is required, or if the previous tenant has left the property in an untidy state. In such a case you can discuss with the landlord the need of a move out cleaning. The benefit of such a service is that upon arrival at your new place the only thing you need to worry about is finding your sleepers and sorting out your luggage. Everything else will be taken care of by our removalists and cleaners.

Indoor and Furniture Removal

Want just one furniture moved from A to B, or from one room to another? No problem. We offer furniture and indoor removal services for all awkward items and for people who shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects.


We offer a safe and secure way of getting any kind of parcel delivered anywhere in Melbourne. This could be a great way to save money by transporting safely any object purchased on eBay or IKEA to your address.