Cheap vs. Professional Removal Services

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…or when cheap comes out expensive…

Have you ever purchased something on a bargain and felt lucky about it? That cheap gadget you bought at a surprisingly low cost, however soon ungratefully falls apart? This is what often happens when we seek for the cheapest company and expect a 5-star service. Many people believe such a service can be delivered by almost anyone who has a truck, but this impression is only left by the professional removalists who can complete a successful and hassle-free move in their sleep. When you take a better look at the differences between reliable and insured companies and individuals who lack the training, you will see for yourself.

Cheap Removalists in Melbourne:

Cheap removal services lack the correct equipment. This is the first hazard as the lack of proper equipment can cause serious damage to your items and even harm the person who is lifting the furniture and boxes. Proper equipment includes – packing furniture dolly (standard and heavy duty), sack trucks of different sizes, ropes, tape, blankets to wrap fragile items, ratchet straps, moving pads and scrap paper to wrap items.


– It is often unclear whether the removalists in question have the right to work in Australia and it is highly likely they lack the proper insurance policies that cover them against any possible accident that may occur during the move. Remember, if you are hiring them, you might be liable to cover their medical expenses shall anything happen, not to mention any damage done to your items will not be covered by a cheap company.

Cheap movers are not trained according to the highest standards. They may cover some of the basics, but they don’t really know all the essential details that help deliver a red carpet service all the way. These may include: proper packing techniques, proper furniture and box arrangement in the van (which guarantees nothing breaks during the drive) and of course professional attitude towards your home and personal belongings.

You are not guarded against hidden charges and unfair terms and conditions. Some removals will give you the cheapest quote, but as the move progresses additional costs will be added and your total may exceed a great way your budget.

Cheap removalist Melbourne could cost you a penalty if they are not punctual and not experienced enough to complete the move in the expected time. This is often the case when one family moves out and another has to move in. When the removalists, or cleaners in question are late, this causes a great discomfort for the landlord and the other family who were supposed to carry on their move. The penalties for this delay may vary, depending on the damage done, but are never cheap.

Professional Removalists in Melbourne:

In comparison with cheap removals, all decent and professional moving companies:

Train all their members of staff not only in the fine art of moving and carrying other people’s possessions, but in being polite, respectful, discrete and most importantly punctual. With such movers the process goes by smoothly and stress-free, because the movers themselves are experienced, relaxed and in control of the process.

– They have customer reviews you can read on reputable websites.

All removalists are covered by insurance policies and are thoroughly-vetted.

– The equipment professional moving companies have is reliable, of large variety and high-quality – this includes everything from trucks and furniture dollies to the uniforms the movers wear, which means no topless action and butt cracks (sorry!).

Professional companies do this full-time unlike individuals with vans. This means you won’t have to take the day-off to complete your move as they have enough employees to get you covered during weekends when the traffic is down to minimum and you won’t pay a fortune for the delay caused by clogged roads during weekdays.

Professional companies extend their expertise and offer a combination of services such as end of lease cleaning, packing and storage solutions. These not only save you money, but insure that cleaners and removalists will be well-coordinated to avoid delays.

Sometimes less is not more and when you are tempted to go for the cheapest quote, obviously, you are at risk of paying a lot more in the long run.

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