6 Common Relocation Mistakes

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So you want your moving day to go as smoothly as possible? Don’t make the following relocation mistakes. 


Failure to schedule your move ahead of time. Planning is essential when you are moving homes, especially if it is a long distance move. Make sure you have called a professional removals company and booked an appointment in good time. After that, make a plan of when and how you will pack all your belongings.


Failure to pack everything before the moving date is the second most common mistake people make. Don’t underestimate the amount of items you have. They don’t look that many until you open the storage under the bed and all kitchen cupboards and empty every drawer. That’s when you will realize you have a lot of organizing to do. Coming to this realization a few days before your move is not something you want.


Packing more boxes than you need. This mistake is high on the list for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you waste more time to pack, secondly you pay for something to be moved and you are not even going to use it and thirdly you will have to unpack it and find it a new place in your new home. Moving means letting go, not just of the old place, but of old items you are unlikely to use ever again. This includes old clothes you never wear anymore and pieces of furniture you don’t really need where you are going. Either way – let go already!

Moving Mistakes  to avoid

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Hiring a shady mover. Not everyone who has a truck and is willing to handle your move for $50 is a professional mover. Booking a professional removals agency with reputation is essential. You can rest assured that these will be the removalists that will handle your move responsibly and will treat your personal belongings with integrity and respect. A shady mover is also one that has no insurance and is either not vetted, or not eligible to work in Australia.


Not labelling the boxes. This is a big one. Rarely people forget or deliberately skip to label their boxes, but even if you think you can remember what went where, this will be followed by chaos in your new home. Just label your boxes.


Not cleaning the place. When it comes to moving homes, people are often worried more about surviving the move and not so much about the consequences of it and precisely how are they going to get their bond back. Don’t make this mistake. Think about the apartment you are living in and get it cleaned before your landlord’s final check up. Not only we offer quality removal services, but we also offer move out cleaners that will take care of your end of lease cleaning on a discount.

 So, hopefully, when you manage to avoid these mistakes, you will know you’ve done your relocation right. One more mistake to avoid is to stress too much over it.

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