5 Quick Removal Tips From Our Quick Pick Movers

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Planning a move is stressful and strenuous, but it could also be exciting and the start of many great things. Here is how to quickly plan your relocation with all resources you need.

1. Good Planning is essential – make sure you have planned everything from start to finish.

– set up a date for the relocation – weekends are the best as you have two days – one for moving and end of lease cleaning and one for unpacking;

– research removals companies, compare quotes, quality and availability (some removals companies like us work on weekends at no extra cost);

– Have a checklist 4-8 weeks prior to the move. Complete small tasks every day and you won’t be overwhelmed when the day approaches. This sample checklist will help you do just that.

Download our moving house checklist in A4.

Moving House Checklist

2. Before moving homes and calling removals companies for quotes, get your own estimates right. Decide what you need professional help with. No need to call and get a quote for a desk, you will end up throwing away later. It seems obvious, but it is a mistake people make. De-clutter your home and see what you are going to leave and what you are going to take. This will save precious time and money.

3. Get quality packing materials – you will need boxes, bags, tape, scissors,markers and labels. Lots of labels.

When it comes to labelling your boxes, we say there can’t be too many labels, which is why we have made and offer this free printable for you to use when packing.

To download in A4, click here.

Boxes that are labelled will later quickly go to the designated rooms and will be handled as marked – fragile items with extra care, etc.

This will also help you unpack essentials first as you will actually know where you put them.

4. Get familiar with the list of items our removalists will not move.

5. Combine end of lease cleaning + removals. Some companies offer a full package of removal services and offer discounts. Not only you get everything done, but you do it on a deal too.